Outdoor candles

Bolsius Professional has developed a special range of candles that stay alight outside too. These light providers are sturdy, meaning that your guests can enjoy the atmospheric candlelight they produce in total safety.

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Category/Categories: Atmospheric glasses, Outdoor candles

The Twilight is an ideal atmospheric light that will burn for 70 hours. The faceted glass holder reflects the candlelight beautifully, while its conical shape is effective in shielding the flame from the wind. Available in a wide range of cheerful colours.

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Twilight Specials

Category/Categories: Atmospheric glasses, Outdoor candles

Make your terrace even more distinctive with our New Twilight Specials. The classic Twilight terrace candles, with their wind-resistant shape, are extended to now be available with cheerful, bright and eye-catching prints. This creates a unique appearance quickly and easily.

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Flame bowls

Category/Categories: Outdoor candles

Flame bowls have been specially developed for bringing atmosphere to entrances or other outdoor areas on a grand scale. They have extra-thick wicks to make them wind-resistant.