Rustiek stomkaars 620x300

Rustic candles

Rustic candles are available in many colours, sizes and burn times. Their decorative appearance bring atmosphere and colour to any space. This means that it is always possible to combine candles to perfectly match the ambiance of your business premises.

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Rustic pillar candles

Category/Categories: Pillar candles, Rustic candles

Their attractive shape and colours make our rustic pillar candles very decorative. Great for combining with rustic household candles in order to create a striking table arrangement or an impressive play of light at the bar. Available in five atmospheric colours.

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Rustic table candles

Category/Categories: Tapered and table candles, Rustic candles

Rustic table candles are a great alternative to smooth candles, particularly when combined with rustic pillar candles. They are less formal than tapered candles, but are stylish and every bit as atmospheric. Available in 20 decorative colours.

Available colours