Bolsius Professional tealights provide reliable burn times and a beautiful flame. There are four types available, burning from 4, 6, 8 or even 10 hours.

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Tealights - 4-hour
Not much space on the table, but still want to include a lighting accent? The 4-hour tealight complete with a holder is a good option. Tip: Light a 4-hour tealight each time new clients are seated at a table for a personal, welcoming gesture.

Tealights - 6-hour and 8-hour
For hassle-free atmospheric light all evening long, opt for the 6-hour and 8-hour tealights. When combined with a decorative holder, these tealights are perfect for using on tables or on the bar. Easy to relight due to our high- quality wicks.

Tealights - 10-hour (maxi lights)
With their larger size, maxi lights are real eye-catchers for your interior. Maxi lights combine the effect of a large candle with the ease of use of a tealight. Our high-quality wicks also make them easy to relight and they can be used over the course of several evenings.